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We are grateful you are considering sending your child to our school.  Please fill out the registration form and upload all required attachments then submit it.  Payment of registration fee may be made through the store.  Once the registration form and payment has been received and reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email containing the password to begin filling out the 2023-2024 student paperwork.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee:  This fee is required in order for the school to hold a spot for your student in the upcoming school year.  It is non-refundable unless the student is not acceptable for enrollment, in which case it will be returned.

Student Fee:  This fee includes the book fee, the cost of consumable materials, the student’s insurance fees, accrediting fees, and a fee for facility maintenance, improvement, and testing. The student fee is due by July 29th. 

Tuition: The tuition will be due the first of the month for ten months.  Please check the notice of tuition and fees for the amount due for your student.

New and Returning Student Registration

607 W. Ashland Ave.

Andrews, South Carolina 29510

Phone: (843) 264-8413

Fax: (843) 264-9434


Thank you for your interest in Trinity Christian Academy.  We seek to be a Christ-centered place of excellence with a loving and caring environment.  We state our mission: "TCA is a Christian school assisting families by providing excellence in academics while instilling Biblical principles in student's lives that they might impact their society for Christ."  We desire to launch our students into adult life equipped with the character and skills to navigate successfully for God's service.


  1.  Return the completed application with the non-refundable registration fee (for amount see notice of tuition), to the office.

  2. Your child will be placed on the “Waiting List” pending space availability and successful completion of the Admissions Process.  Space availability is determined after re-enrollment of current students and their siblings.

  3. When an opening is available, you will be contacted.  If records are not available, an age appropriate evaluation may be administered.

  4. Test scores, records/report cards, and medical records will be requested from the applicant’s current school.

  5. Admission is determined on successful completion of the admission process and approval for admissions.

  6. Following acceptance, the necessary forms will be mailed to you. Please return them within the stated time.  When these forms are received, your child’s space in the class will be secured.  



Trinity Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin in the administration of its educational program, admission, or other school policies.

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